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Interact with a Personalized

AI Sidekick that Evolves with You

Customize a 3D avatar that learns, assists, and connects with you on demand.

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Why you’ll love

interacting with Mirai

Task Assistance
Immersive Conversations
Realistic 3-D Avatar You Create
Go Beyond Text-Only Interaction


Routine Tasks

Level up your productivity with a sidekick that handles tedious tasks for you. Ask it to chat on your behalf, get real-time help with troubleshooting problems, instantly gather the top trends and news on your favorite topics like Reddit on steroids, and more.

Streamline your overall life

Effortlessly delegate tasks

Evolves and learns your preferences over time

Engage In



Dive into meaningful and immersive conversations with your 3D avatar. Whether you need advice, want to brainstorm ideas, or simply have a friendly chat, your companion is here to listen and respond. Experience realistic interactions with animated expressions and emotions that bring your conversations to life.

Communicate through text OR verbally

Seek advice or brainstorm ideas

Find understanding and support

Meet your

personalized 3D



Your 3D Avatar

Step into a world of limitless creativity and self-expression. Reimagine your favorite characters from any universe or craft your ideal digital alter ego.

Customize appearance and voice

Lifelike, 3-D rendering

Create or reimagine any human-like character

You are in Complete Control of Your Avatar, Data & Privacy

Downloadable Assets

You will be in total control. You own all your conversations and created models. Download and view your model assets, allowing you to explore and use them in various ways. Your digital ally is yours to keep, customize, and integrate into your digital world, empowering you with ultimate ownership and flexibility.

100% Secure And Private

Every day — whether through texts, voice messages, or multimedia content — your inputs are stored in a private cloud location that is inaccessible to anyone except you and the server. We have implemented robust privacy measures to ensure that your data remains protected and separate from that of other users.

Access To Limitless Information

We’ve simplified connecting to the internet through your AI ally. With online access, your 3D avatar can search and retrieve information, acting as your personal guide and assistant. Stay informed, explore new horizons, and unlock endless possibilities with the power of instant information at your fingertips.

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Is my personal data and privacy protected?

Yes! We don’t have any legendary armor. But all the data collected from your interactions is stored securely in the cloud. Only you and our server have access to this data. We prioritize your privacy and ensure that your information remains confidential.

How do I know my AI companion will understand me accurately?

Our AI technology is built to understand and adapt to your unique communication style. Through continuous learning and fine-tuning, your AI companion becomes more attuned to your preferences, making interactions more accurate and personalized over time. We strive to provide you with a seamless and intuitive conversational experience.

How often will the AI companion receive updates and improvements?

As new areas of the AI landscape are unlocked, such as GPT-5, we aim to integrate them into the AI companion. This ensures that you benefit from the most advanced features and capabilities as they become available in the industry.

Can I use the AI companion across different devices?

Depending on demand, we will later expand to other cross-platform solutions. To test this demand, Mirai will initially be available on mobile and desktop devices.